Hello! I’m Rohit Arondekar, a humble computer programmer who mostly deals with things related to the web. I love open source software and try to do my bit by contributing to various projects.

You can find me elsewhere on the Internet ―

My email address is hello@rohitarondekar.com. Feel free to drop me a line about potential web development projects, feedback about the site or an article, cool stuff you are working on or to just say hello.


It took a lazy hour to setup this website thanks to the hard work put in by the fine folks who build and maintain the following.

  • Jekyll ― A static blog/website generator.
  • Lanyon ― Beautiful responsive theme for Jekyll
  • GitHub Pages ― Free hosting!
  • Emacs ― A fine editor of code.
  • UberWriter ― Beautiful markdown editor for Ubuntu/Linux.

Thanks for reading!