If you are familiar with the Ruby programming language you might recognize the title of this post. For the uninitiated the meaning I believe remains the same, to set the value of something at the beginning. This post is thus the initial value of my new blog.

A blog every year keeps the …

I have a penchant for making personal websites and blogs that I never maintain. After setting up I write a post announcing my new found commitment to do better this time. You are reading such a post.

I will write about various topics including but not limited to programming, books and occasionally design. I don’t expect a readership so I’ll mostly write to satisfy my own ego. In the odd case that somebody like you does end up reading a post do not be alarmed! Keep calm and carry on.

Settling on a platform

After exploring various blogging platforms I decided to continue with Jekyll. A few others did catch my fancy such as Silvrback and Ghost. Unfortunately the folks at Silvrback failed to respond to my email before the trial expired. Ghost seems like a lovely choice but setting it up just for my personal blog felt like a chore.

Honestly though the main reason for not choosing either boiled downed to money. Considering my track record with blogging I didn’t want to pay $X/month when I could use Jekyll and Github Pages for free.

The subtle but powerful advantage of using a solution like Jekyll is to avoid vendor lock in and folding startup syndrome. Okay I made up the syndrome although it is a real problem. Startups close down or get acquired all the time. In most cases the users are left scrambling to find another service to migrate to before everything is lost.

Until next time

I now abruptly end this post to avoid using up all my creative energy before the year ends.